SHORT STORIES AND SNIPPETS : Poetic Admiration for the Fire


Fires burn brighter the deeper it is within, closer to a heart beating with longing and hope. Embers shining brightly through the windows of the soul, it can be seen by those with the telescopes of an experienced existance.

There’s an admirable beauty of the glow in those eyes, for it is rare to find such a sight amongst many droplets that make up the sea of the walking mundane.

There’s something beautiful about the intricacies of intertwining threads of longing and hope woven onto the tapestry of mind and soul. For that is the stuff that amazing beautiful dreams are made of. The sort of dreams that transcends the trappings of the waking world and come to life, manifested more vivid than the illusions of slumber’s shadow theatrics.


Short stories and snippets : Nuances, unspoken and the little things


“Why do you say such words to me? What did I ever do for you? I didn’t do anything at all,” she said.

She was confused he could tell. He could also see in her the lack of faith, faith in herself. She had no idea just how much she meant to him, so much so that she felt herself unworthy of such praise.

He looked into the distance before looking back at her, smiling.

“It’s not the big things that you can see. It’s the small things that you miss out,”

“What do you mean?”

“The nuances of the paintbrush strokes you lay upon the canvas of our life together. The way you smile when you see me, the look of peace when our eyes meet, the comfort of my hand in yours, the tiny playful squeezes you put on my fingers, the way you wrap your hand around my arm, the way you rest your head on my shoulder, the way you place your nose gently against mine…”

She looked at him in silence. He continued.

“And all that while being very calm and relaxed in expressing your emotions to me, those nuances. I know how you feel. And that is the reason that moves me forward. I’m grateful for all that you do unspoken, all that you do without realisation. Natural spontaneous expressions. You have no idea how much it means to me and how I appreciate it and am thankful for it.”

He gently placed a hand on her cheek and gave her a gentle kiss on the forehead.

“Thank you. There is no need for anything fancy and material to prove your worth to me. I have received the message of your heart and accepted it wholeheartedly. I have no need for a car when you have already brought me to my destination.”

Short stories and snippets : Sera



.: You mention her name yet again. :.

He didn’t respond to the voice in his head and continued staring ahead, lost in his thoughts. He twirled the heart-shaped pendant in his fingers before gently wrapping them around it.

.: I sense you are nervous. What do you fear the most? :.

He kept quiet, before looking up. The tiny light orb floated in front of him, its glow lighting up his features, revealing clearly the look of worry on his face.


.: Who is this Sera? :.

He stared at the orb before lifting the pendant to his face.

“Someone important. Someone I saved from demons.”

There was a muffled boom and the hallway trembled a little, sending tiny debris falling down from the ceiling. He looked up and let out a huff.

.: Why is this person important to you? :.

“Because I found something precious to me. The reason for fighting…”

.: But that is your job, your calling, you vocation. You have always been facing demons and slaying them. You have always saved people from demons. What makes her different? :.


He lifted the heart-shaped pendant. The light orb floated nearer to inspect it, its glow causing glints to appear on the metal work. The light orb suddenly went brighter in shock when it realised that the pendant was emitting heartbeats.

.: It’s alive! :.


.: But how? :.

“It’s lives because there’s a spell cast on it. It’s the spell of trust. She entrusted her heart to me. I must protect it.”

.: Where is she now? :.

“Far away. Safe. But she’s always close to me. I feel her heart beating next to mine when this pendant rests upon my chest.”

.: Do you miss her? :.

“With every breath I take…”

Another tremor, this time more violent. The light orb now glowed bright, so bright that he had to shield his eyes.



He got up, picking up his sword and shield that lay on his side. Several more units of First Wave came running down the hallway and passed him, each of them having a light orb following them.

“We go now,”

.: Yes, we must go indeed! :.

He held the pendant close to his lips and whispered.

“Wait for me. I’ll come back to you my love. I need to fight, but I will come back. I have to. I must return your heart to you. And my heart must return to you. You are my reason to live. Protect me my love,”

He kissed the pendant and ran towards the assembly of First Wave units. The tall wall that stood before them started to slide open, revealing the outside world beyond the safety of their sanctuary walls. The units ran out, weapons in hand, shouting calls of war and battle.

Their wings spread open and they flew into action.
He joined them in the air.

I will come back to you…
I have to…
I need to…

Wait for me…

Short stories and snippets : Duty


She looked into his eyes in silence. She showed no emotions but he knew, staring deep into her eyes that there lay a hidden pain, a hesitance, a longing.

“It cannot happen? “We” cannot happen?” she asked.

He gently pulled her closer and lay her head on his shoulder. He then gently rested his head atop hers.

“Unfortunately no…” he replied.


“Because I’m here to do what I have to do. I cannot violate that order. I am your shield from the dangers that come after you.”

“You are doing that well. Can’t it be more than just that?”

“No…it can’t. It’s because of the way things are now that I can be next to you. I don’t want to leave you.”

His wings spread and cast a shade over her, protecting her from the raindrops that started to fall upon them. Both sky and eyes shed tears at that moment. She buried her face in his chest, trembling and sobbing while he looked at her in silence.

I am your guardian angel…
I must abide by my code and order…

I do not break the order not because I’m beyond mortals…
But it’s because I am more mortal that I was made to be…

I have not fallen from grace but I have fallen in love…

And yet, I cannot break away from duty for I will be pulled back to heaven as I would be deemed unworthy to carry out my duty…

And I cannot bear to leave you…

A guardian angel is an angel…
A mortal is a mortal…

Divine irony…

So near yet so far…
So close yet so distant…

Poetry : If you ask me what happiness is


The colour of my world was all grey,
A muted world with no words to say.

The grey tones of passing day after day,
Like the silence of a still night in May.

But May was like any other month,
Like any other day under the sun.

Life without meaning was colourless,
A monotonous journey so lifeless.

Until that one fateful day that came,
You arrived, it was never the same.

It came from the corner of my eye,
A tinge of colour in my grey sky.

I looked up from my colourless drink,
I was captivated, I couldn’t think.

The first time when you said hi to me,
Was a moment captured eternally.

In my lens, it was the same boring views,
With you, there was a plethora of hues.

Time flies by when you are having fun,
I was reborn, my life had begun.

As we sat together hand in hand,
Staring out to the sea, feet in the sand.

I looked at you with your smiling face,
The most beautiful view in this place.

And then the question pops to my mind,
One I heard from a song at one time.

It went on about, something like this,
“If you ask me what happiness is~”

I knew the answer now, at this moment,
It sat before me, serene and silent.

The sky above us may be turning dark,
But you brought my life light, vivid and stark.

You looked at me with your beautiful smile,
And I looked at you in peace for a while.

You asked if all was alright with me,
I said yes, it was as it should be.

When there was no sun, dark with no light,
You were the sun that lit my life bright.

When I was alone and swallowed by grey,
You were the light that brighten my day.

In the room on my bed dark at night,
You are my safe pillow I hold so tight.

The line from the song replays again,
The question to which I answer the same.

If you ask me what happiness is~
It is you dear, my true love and bliss.

Author’s notes:

This was a piece inspired by a song I heard.

The song was “Black” by G-Dragon featuring Sky Ferreira.

The odd thing was when I first heard the song, it sounded serene and beautiful. And the one phrase that stuck in my head was:

“If you ask me what happiness is~”

It inspired this piece as thoughts came to mind of the lovely feeling one gets when together with that one person that completes us.

Ironically when I saw the actual lyrics of Black, it was on the contrary, a very sad tragic song. It was a beautiful tune regardless.

I decided to go on with my positive and good feels take on the line that stuck in my head instead.

Poetry : Betting on the clover


So where would you like to place your own bet?
I pondered on what the dealer had said.

I looked at the table right before me,
Many prizes to place my money.

One side lay many shiny a car,
Luxuries grand to take me afar.

The other side had a lot of money,
Stacks of numbers for all eyes to see.

Yet what really caught my two hopeful eyes,
Was an object, in the middle it lies.

A tiny flower, so frail and pretty,
It was a clover, as precious can be.

It had four leaves, a rare find indeed,
It brought with it luck, a true prize to keep.

This little thing was all I wanted,
I cared not for others that tempted.

No matter the end for it I would fight,
Whatever the odds what I sought for was right.

The dealer looked up and I nodded back,
The game was set, we were right on the track.

I held my dealt cards close to my face,
Arranging my cards at a very calm pace.

It was a gamble of both mind and luck,
At this moment in time was when I got stuck.

To go on with this endeavour of chance,
A risky business, an uncertain dance.

I took a card out and it was a spade,
With it I bury my past and my hate.

I thought a while and next threw out a club,
Three leaf clovers that I had gave up.

I now had several cards remaining,
Where to place them I was still pondering.

I took a card out, on it were diamonds,
A bet I placed atop stacks of tokens.

It was the value I placed the clover,
Precious to me each minute and hour.

I then looked towards the “high stakes” square,
Where players placed high valued bets there.

I placed a card with many a heart,
A big decision, both risky and hard.

The dealer called out for any last bet,
Before all things were placed proper and set.

I placed a King card on the “hopes” square,
The clover’s left side, I placed it right there.

The dealer thus start to play his own hand,
I hoped next to my King a Queen card would land.

A scary gamble, the prize well worth it,
As the cards were dealt time slowed down a bit.

With breath held I wait, and hoped for the best,
To win my clover, my whole life to last.

Author’s notes:

This was a piece inspired by an imagery of sitting at the gambling table playing the game of life.

Life brings with it many challenges as well as moments where the rewards are great matched only by equal amount of risks. There are times and moments when you will be at that crossroad and you have to make that decision.

To win gloriously, or to lose terribly.

Loses can always be won back but it depends on the stakes put out. When one bets their heart, the risk of loss is ever so great.

But sometimes, you come to a point where you ask yourself, what is it that you fight for. What is it that you would risk so much for.

My answer gave birth to this piece. What would I risk everything and so much for?

A meaning to my life.

Poetry : As I Meet You


As I met up with you at your home,
I remembered the first time we met.

As I greeted you when you entered the car,
I remembered the first time we spoke.

As we drove to our destination,
I remembered the first time I picked you up.

As we walked in the shopping mall,
I remembered when we went on our first outting together.

As we sat down and had dinner,
I remembered the first time we shared our first meal together.

As we left for the car,
I remembered the first time we ended our first meal with laughter.

As we decided to stop by for a drink,
I remembered the first time we stayed up late night chatting.

As we parked the car,
I remembered the first time our chats got more personal.

As we sat down at the cafe,
I remembered the first time I felt my feelings for you.

As we chatted about our daily lives,
I remembered the first time I was trying to muster up the courage.

As we started to go into our personal lives,
I remembered the first time I looked at you intently.

As we started to talk about your love life,
I remembered how happy and cheerful you were.

As I saw you slowly gaze into space,
I remembered how you looked when I first confessed to you.

As I saw you break that empty look into a smile,
I remembered how you said you were seeing someone else.

As you said you were okay with the way things were in your life,
I remembered my sadness and the mustering of courage to accept it.

As you said that you left things to fate,
I remembered how we grew silently apart.

As I then spoke about my love life,
I remembered how you spoke to me after our long silence.

As I spoke about the pain I went through,
I remembered how we started talking again.

As you smiled and said that all the suffering was part of life,
I remembered how we started to meet up again more often.

As you suddenly winced and complained about aching shoulders,
I remembered how we spoke about the deeper things in life to each other.

As I gently rubbed your shoulders trying to relieve the pain,
I remembered the times when we stood close to each other whenever we were out.

As I commented on how your skin was better than mine,
I remembered how we shared laughter together like old times.

As you said you felt better with my gentle rub,
I remembered the times we did things together like watch movies and shop.

As I poured tea into your cup and you did to mine,
I remembered the closeness we shared, a bond beyond normal friendship.

As I spoke to you about being careful of dealing with people’s emotions,
I remembered how we were a contrast of personalities within the same spectrum of connections.

As we stood up to leave and walk to the car,
I remembered how we started to share long chats into the night like before.

As we drove to your home,
I remembered how you were there for me as I was there for you.

As we reached your doorstep where I drop you off,
I remembered how distance didn’t matter between us because our friendship went beyond borders.

As I hugged you closely and tightly,
I remembered the closeness that we share, a warmth emitting from the fires of trust.

As I said goodbye to you and we both agreed to meet up again,
I remembered that time forges the ties between individuals, the knots knocked together by the hammer of shared experiences.

As I drove towards home,
I remembered that home lies in our hearts, and that it gets warm with the people we choose to share them with.

Author’s notes:

I feel we all have that special type of friend. The one who surpasses the state of mere love interest.
The one whom we’ve known for so long that he or she becomes a part of our lives. A part of our circle of trust. A part of our being.

The one whom we might have had history (the romantic kind) with, but the relationship has evolved instead to something pure and unadulterated. A bond that is beyond just surface romance.

The one whom we have met at a crossroad in time before and passed each other by, not stopping to look.
And as we go our own ways, our roads somehow come full circle and we meet again.
This time we manage to stop at the same pitstop and play catch up. We bring to the table our own experiences of our journeys.

And sometimes, we have moments when we look at each other and think “what if”.
What if we had stopped during that earlier crossroad. What if things were different.

Life plays a funny game with all of us even though we think we are in control of the board.
But somehow, in instances such as these, we come out somewhat winners with no losers.

It is a bond built upon pure honesty.
No lies or half truths, but pure memories and true ties.

When writing this piece I had this imagery of parallel timelines that somehow diverged and intersected into each other.

Was inspired when meeting up with a friend whom I’ve known for so many years with quite a lot of shared history.