Poetry : Lightshow


When God said “Let there be light!”,
He truly did gave us quite a sight.

Best seen when all is dark at night,
The show a splendour display so bright.

Like frantic dancing worms in the sky,
Wriggling fast among the clouds so high.

Capture a moment, pause and hold,
And see a glowing thread to behold.

With every flash of light above,
Follows with it a loud roar’s birth.

Many little children scurry and hide,
Afraid of the light and sound outside.

Often it seems the skies get hurt,
For tears tend to drop after down to earth.

But me, an older lad, am not afraid,
I see beauty behind the force instead.

As vibrant plume is to a lovely bird.
Lightning’s own majesty, be seen and heard.


Author’s note :

Inspired when I saw lightning dancing in the sky amongst dark rain clouds. Quite interesting view when you’re stuck in a traffic jam. Akin to fairies chasing each other.


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