Poetry : I Will Protect You


It was huge anticipation,
The fear real and palpable,
You can’t ease such a tension,
You can’t turn emotions stable.

He let out a heavy sigh,
The mission loomed so near,
He couldn’t picture the outcome,
Her breath he could also hear.

He looked before him at the wall,
She standing on the other side,
She too feared for what was to come,
Feelings she could not hide.

He spoke up to her hiding his fears,
Hoping his words reached her,
“Whatever happens do be scared,”
“I will protect you rest assure,”

She was silent as she listened,
Her hand placed on her heart,
He continued still as best he could,
“We’ll never be apart.”

She choked a little at his words,
To speak but failed, she tried,
“I will be there, watch over you,”
“Even if I died.”

Time came and they made their way,
Stood before the huge device,
They choked and took many deep breaths,
Exchanging glances twice.

“It’s time right now. Are you ready?”
“It’s time for you to go,”
The Guardian said in his voice,
Heavy his words were so.

Without a word she stepped forward,
And he too followed suit,
The both of them then started it,
They removed their clothes and boots.

The purest moment when clothes fell,
Sliding onto the floor,
All that was left was bare skin,
Vulnerable, uncovered, pure.

Both looked away to hide their fears,
Vulnerable and suffocating,
Yet both snuck glances at each other,
The sight was intoxicating.

But she was a person with a mask,
Her face defiant strong,
She stepped right up onto the floor,
As if nothing was wrong.

He followed close right after her,
And stood before her still,
They stood facing each other,
The air brought with it a chill.

She maintained her look,
Strong and calm, being unafraid,
But facades put up began to fail,
True feelings showed instead.

His words mentioned to her before,
Echoed in mind and hit her,
No matter the walls and shields put up,
Truth overcomes the barrier.

He looked straight right into her eyes,
Gently he called out to her,
“It’s okay. It’ll be alright,”
“I’ll protect you, I’m right here.”

She looked at him and it came to her,
A tiny smile appeared,
His eyes pierced right into hers,
Conviction she felt assured.

And then it began, the process started,
The machine was switched on,
They both floated and they held each other,
On a journey to beyond.

It was painful and unbearable,
Body and soul torn apart,
Pain as time start to distort,
Wincing and breathing hard.

Time affects our bodies in ways,
Our bodies grow with it,
Making it go beyond its course,
The body takes a hit.

A painful journey, distortions made,
To fabric time and space,
And suddenly it was all over,
They arrived in state of daze.

She was scared, she was afraid,
She didn’t know what to do,
But then his strong arms reached out to her,
Held her safe and true.

“Hey! Hey! Look right here!”
She looked at him in kind,
“I’m right here! You’re alright!”
“We’ve made it well in time!”

His eyes brought comfort to her soul,
In all the pain and daze,
Her body felt weak, felt so dizzy,
He held her in safe embrace.

His skin on hers made her warm,
She felt secured and safe,
Her fears and emotions, doubts and all,
Faded, in his arms she caved.

It wasn’t long before the cops came,
To bring these two away,
But all was right, all was fine,
So long as he would stay.

“I will take care and protect you,”
“Watch over you I swear,”
“No matter where or how far you are,”
“Just know that I’ll be there.”

I’ll be there for you,
To protect you,
To watch over you,
Make sure no harm comes to you.

Even though she had grew,
To not have emotions true,
His words rang right through,
That in him she trusted too.

Author’s note:

This piece was inspired by a scene from the new movie Terminator Genisys.

There was something very pure, very beautiful about this scene.

You sensed fear and a building connection between two characters as they faced the unknown.

Above all, it was the idea of comforting someone you cared for and would die for that got to me. To speak one’s heart out to that person with a conviction and belief. To be able to make a promise with such conviction that it lowers the wall and allow for trust and faith to enter someone’s heart.

The emotions played by the actors was well done. Emilia Clarke who plays Sarah Connor did a good job with portraying the emotions felt when by Kyle Reese’s played by Jai Courtney spoke those words.

You could connect and hear the whispers of her heart. Inspiring and beautiful visual and performance that gave birth to this imagery and a need to write it out in words.


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