Poetry : As I Meet You


As I met up with you at your home,
I remembered the first time we met.

As I greeted you when you entered the car,
I remembered the first time we spoke.

As we drove to our destination,
I remembered the first time I picked you up.

As we walked in the shopping mall,
I remembered when we went on our first outting together.

As we sat down and had dinner,
I remembered the first time we shared our first meal together.

As we left for the car,
I remembered the first time we ended our first meal with laughter.

As we decided to stop by for a drink,
I remembered the first time we stayed up late night chatting.

As we parked the car,
I remembered the first time our chats got more personal.

As we sat down at the cafe,
I remembered the first time I felt my feelings for you.

As we chatted about our daily lives,
I remembered the first time I was trying to muster up the courage.

As we started to go into our personal lives,
I remembered the first time I looked at you intently.

As we started to talk about your love life,
I remembered how happy and cheerful you were.

As I saw you slowly gaze into space,
I remembered how you looked when I first confessed to you.

As I saw you break that empty look into a smile,
I remembered how you said you were seeing someone else.

As you said you were okay with the way things were in your life,
I remembered my sadness and the mustering of courage to accept it.

As you said that you left things to fate,
I remembered how we grew silently apart.

As I then spoke about my love life,
I remembered how you spoke to me after our long silence.

As I spoke about the pain I went through,
I remembered how we started talking again.

As you smiled and said that all the suffering was part of life,
I remembered how we started to meet up again more often.

As you suddenly winced and complained about aching shoulders,
I remembered how we spoke about the deeper things in life to each other.

As I gently rubbed your shoulders trying to relieve the pain,
I remembered the times when we stood close to each other whenever we were out.

As I commented on how your skin was better than mine,
I remembered how we shared laughter together like old times.

As you said you felt better with my gentle rub,
I remembered the times we did things together like watch movies and shop.

As I poured tea into your cup and you did to mine,
I remembered the closeness we shared, a bond beyond normal friendship.

As I spoke to you about being careful of dealing with people’s emotions,
I remembered how we were a contrast of personalities within the same spectrum of connections.

As we stood up to leave and walk to the car,
I remembered how we started to share long chats into the night like before.

As we drove to your home,
I remembered how you were there for me as I was there for you.

As we reached your doorstep where I drop you off,
I remembered how distance didn’t matter between us because our friendship went beyond borders.

As I hugged you closely and tightly,
I remembered the closeness that we share, a warmth emitting from the fires of trust.

As I said goodbye to you and we both agreed to meet up again,
I remembered that time forges the ties between individuals, the knots knocked together by the hammer of shared experiences.

As I drove towards home,
I remembered that home lies in our hearts, and that it gets warm with the people we choose to share them with.

Author’s notes:

I feel we all have that special type of friend. The one who surpasses the state of mere love interest.
The one whom we’ve known for so long that he or she becomes a part of our lives. A part of our circle of trust. A part of our being.

The one whom we might have had history (the romantic kind) with, but the relationship has evolved instead to something pure and unadulterated. A bond that is beyond just surface romance.

The one whom we have met at a crossroad in time before and passed each other by, not stopping to look.
And as we go our own ways, our roads somehow come full circle and we meet again.
This time we manage to stop at the same pitstop and play catch up. We bring to the table our own experiences of our journeys.

And sometimes, we have moments when we look at each other and think “what if”.
What if we had stopped during that earlier crossroad. What if things were different.

Life plays a funny game with all of us even though we think we are in control of the board.
But somehow, in instances such as these, we come out somewhat winners with no losers.

It is a bond built upon pure honesty.
No lies or half truths, but pure memories and true ties.

When writing this piece I had this imagery of parallel timelines that somehow diverged and intersected into each other.

Was inspired when meeting up with a friend whom I’ve known for so many years with quite a lot of shared history.


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