Poetry : Betting on the clover


So where would you like to place your own bet?
I pondered on what the dealer had said.

I looked at the table right before me,
Many prizes to place my money.

One side lay many shiny a car,
Luxuries grand to take me afar.

The other side had a lot of money,
Stacks of numbers for all eyes to see.

Yet what really caught my two hopeful eyes,
Was an object, in the middle it lies.

A tiny flower, so frail and pretty,
It was a clover, as precious can be.

It had four leaves, a rare find indeed,
It brought with it luck, a true prize to keep.

This little thing was all I wanted,
I cared not for others that tempted.

No matter the end for it I would fight,
Whatever the odds what I sought for was right.

The dealer looked up and I nodded back,
The game was set, we were right on the track.

I held my dealt cards close to my face,
Arranging my cards at a very calm pace.

It was a gamble of both mind and luck,
At this moment in time was when I got stuck.

To go on with this endeavour of chance,
A risky business, an uncertain dance.

I took a card out and it was a spade,
With it I bury my past and my hate.

I thought a while and next threw out a club,
Three leaf clovers that I had gave up.

I now had several cards remaining,
Where to place them I was still pondering.

I took a card out, on it were diamonds,
A bet I placed atop stacks of tokens.

It was the value I placed the clover,
Precious to me each minute and hour.

I then looked towards the “high stakes” square,
Where players placed high valued bets there.

I placed a card with many a heart,
A big decision, both risky and hard.

The dealer called out for any last bet,
Before all things were placed proper and set.

I placed a King card on the “hopes” square,
The clover’s left side, I placed it right there.

The dealer thus start to play his own hand,
I hoped next to my King a Queen card would land.

A scary gamble, the prize well worth it,
As the cards were dealt time slowed down a bit.

With breath held I wait, and hoped for the best,
To win my clover, my whole life to last.

Author’s notes:

This was a piece inspired by an imagery of sitting at the gambling table playing the game of life.

Life brings with it many challenges as well as moments where the rewards are great matched only by equal amount of risks. There are times and moments when you will be at that crossroad and you have to make that decision.

To win gloriously, or to lose terribly.

Loses can always be won back but it depends on the stakes put out. When one bets their heart, the risk of loss is ever so great.

But sometimes, you come to a point where you ask yourself, what is it that you fight for. What is it that you would risk so much for.

My answer gave birth to this piece. What would I risk everything and so much for?

A meaning to my life.


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