Poetry : If you ask me what happiness is


The colour of my world was all grey,
A muted world with no words to say.

The grey tones of passing day after day,
Like the silence of a still night in May.

But May was like any other month,
Like any other day under the sun.

Life without meaning was colourless,
A monotonous journey so lifeless.

Until that one fateful day that came,
You arrived, it was never the same.

It came from the corner of my eye,
A tinge of colour in my grey sky.

I looked up from my colourless drink,
I was captivated, I couldn’t think.

The first time when you said hi to me,
Was a moment captured eternally.

In my lens, it was the same boring views,
With you, there was a plethora of hues.

Time flies by when you are having fun,
I was reborn, my life had begun.

As we sat together hand in hand,
Staring out to the sea, feet in the sand.

I looked at you with your smiling face,
The most beautiful view in this place.

And then the question pops to my mind,
One I heard from a song at one time.

It went on about, something like this,
“If you ask me what happiness is~”

I knew the answer now, at this moment,
It sat before me, serene and silent.

The sky above us may be turning dark,
But you brought my life light, vivid and stark.

You looked at me with your beautiful smile,
And I looked at you in peace for a while.

You asked if all was alright with me,
I said yes, it was as it should be.

When there was no sun, dark with no light,
You were the sun that lit my life bright.

When I was alone and swallowed by grey,
You were the light that brighten my day.

In the room on my bed dark at night,
You are my safe pillow I hold so tight.

The line from the song replays again,
The question to which I answer the same.

If you ask me what happiness is~
It is you dear, my true love and bliss.

Author’s notes:

This was a piece inspired by a song I heard.

The song was “Black” by G-Dragon featuring Sky Ferreira.

The odd thing was when I first heard the song, it sounded serene and beautiful. And the one phrase that stuck in my head was:

“If you ask me what happiness is~”

It inspired this piece as thoughts came to mind of the lovely feeling one gets when together with that one person that completes us.

Ironically when I saw the actual lyrics of Black, it was on the contrary, a very sad tragic song. It was a beautiful tune regardless.

I decided to go on with my positive and good feels take on the line that stuck in my head instead.


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