Short stories and snippets : Sera



.: You mention her name yet again. :.

He didn’t respond to the voice in his head and continued staring ahead, lost in his thoughts. He twirled the heart-shaped pendant in his fingers before gently wrapping them around it.

.: I sense you are nervous. What do you fear the most? :.

He kept quiet, before looking up. The tiny light orb floated in front of him, its glow lighting up his features, revealing clearly the look of worry on his face.


.: Who is this Sera? :.

He stared at the orb before lifting the pendant to his face.

“Someone important. Someone I saved from demons.”

There was a muffled boom and the hallway trembled a little, sending tiny debris falling down from the ceiling. He looked up and let out a huff.

.: Why is this person important to you? :.

“Because I found something precious to me. The reason for fighting…”

.: But that is your job, your calling, you vocation. You have always been facing demons and slaying them. You have always saved people from demons. What makes her different? :.


He lifted the heart-shaped pendant. The light orb floated nearer to inspect it, its glow causing glints to appear on the metal work. The light orb suddenly went brighter in shock when it realised that the pendant was emitting heartbeats.

.: It’s alive! :.


.: But how? :.

“It’s lives because there’s a spell cast on it. It’s the spell of trust. She entrusted her heart to me. I must protect it.”

.: Where is she now? :.

“Far away. Safe. But she’s always close to me. I feel her heart beating next to mine when this pendant rests upon my chest.”

.: Do you miss her? :.

“With every breath I take…”

Another tremor, this time more violent. The light orb now glowed bright, so bright that he had to shield his eyes.



He got up, picking up his sword and shield that lay on his side. Several more units of First Wave came running down the hallway and passed him, each of them having a light orb following them.

“We go now,”

.: Yes, we must go indeed! :.

He held the pendant close to his lips and whispered.

“Wait for me. I’ll come back to you my love. I need to fight, but I will come back. I have to. I must return your heart to you. And my heart must return to you. You are my reason to live. Protect me my love,”

He kissed the pendant and ran towards the assembly of First Wave units. The tall wall that stood before them started to slide open, revealing the outside world beyond the safety of their sanctuary walls. The units ran out, weapons in hand, shouting calls of war and battle.

Their wings spread open and they flew into action.
He joined them in the air.

I will come back to you…
I have to…
I need to…

Wait for me…


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