SHORT STORIES AND SNIPPETS : Poetic Admiration for the Fire


Fires burn brighter the deeper it is within, closer to a heart beating with longing and hope. Embers shining brightly through the windows of the soul, it can be seen by those with the telescopes of an experienced existance.

There’s an admirable beauty of the glow in those eyes, for it is rare to find such a sight amongst many droplets that make up the sea of the walking mundane.

There’s something beautiful about the intricacies of intertwining threads of longing and hope woven onto the tapestry of mind and soul. For that is the stuff that amazing beautiful dreams are made of. The sort of dreams that transcends the trappings of the waking world and come to life, manifested more vivid than the illusions of slumber’s shadow theatrics.


Poetry : As I ponder


As I ponder,
I think not of what is now,
For the now has no place for me.

As I ponder,
I think not of what was then,
For the past is just a reminder for me.

As I ponder,
I think of what will come to be,
The problem comes from beyond to me.

As I ponder,
I do think but I am not,
One existing in what will come to be.

As I ponder,
I realise the future is not the now,
But I have no choice but to dwell there you see.

As I ponder aloud,
The voice of my mind speaks,
But it is echoed back off a wall to me.

As I scratch my head pondering,
The tears of fear and anxiety well up,
As I ponder of what to do next, help I beg and plea.

As I ponder frantically,
I have come from then to now,
But I am stuck, unmoving, I am not free.

As I ponder till fatigue come,
I close the eye of the mind,
And I slump in the corner to try and rest peacefully.

As I ponder in sadness,
I wonder now of what will be of me,
What will the future hold beyond the door of now I see.

As I ponder enviously,
I think of the luxuries of time and space,
Of breathing room that everyone has but me.

As I ponder hopelessly,
I wonder if I will ever be free,
To be cut loose from the shackles that hold and bind me.

As I ponder wishfully,
I wish there was a way out of this,
I wish there was a place for me to land softly.

As I ponder hopefully,
I hope that beyond these walls that I run into,
There will be, swaying in the wind, beautiful fields of barley.

As I ponder with eyes closed,
Whispering a prayer from the heart,
I pray for a place I can call home once again, safe and happy.

As I open my eyes and ponder on a last thought,
I look beyond to the skies, wishing ever so much,
That my heart, mind and soul can be safe and free from worry.

I can only hope.

I can only close my eyes.

I can ponder no more.

I can only start to dream.

And hopefully when I wake up,
May I have no need to ponder anymore,
For what I wish for is there, the hands to welcome me.

Home again, a place for me.